Caring for Base Layers Made of Merino Wool

Preparing for much colder climates or weather? Then, you should acquire at least one base layer item in merino wool. This fabric is a staple in many winter wardrobes as it’s both moisture-absorbent and stain-resistant. Lots of high-quality womens thermals are made of this soft and fine material. Sure, it may cost a pretty penny but it can last with proper care.

  • Wash with like colours to avoid any damage should the dyes bleed.
  • Use only a mild detergent dissolved in a bit of water to prevent particles from causing holes or sticking to the fabric.
  • Separate your Australian womens thermals from your other laundry whenever possible. Otherwise, mix with sturdier garments such as denim for reduced piling.
  • Iron on a wool or cool setting, if needed. Often, you can just let any creases fall out naturally.
  • Avoid wringing it out as this will stretch the material in your womens thermals in Australia.
  • Machine wash on low to medium heat on the delicates option. Refer to the garment label for specific temperature guidelines.
  • Turn it inside out, especially if it’s printed, to prevent bobbling.
  • Steer clear of fabric softeners which will coat the fibres and reduce its efficiency in managing your body temp and moisture.
  • Lay flat to dry or tumble dry on low heat if allowed. It’s better to hang it dry on a washing line, especially if you have humid weather.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight or heat as this may cause your womens thermals to shrink.
  • Skip on the bleach and dry cleaning as chlorine can destroy the fibres.
  • Dab on any stains gently with solvent-based stain removers like eucalyptus oil. Rubbing results in stretching and even holes.
  • Roll it up in a towel then gently press to get rid of any excess water before hanging to dry.
  • Allow the item to rest for day before wearing again to enable the fibres to regain their natural resilience and elasticity.
  • Fold when storing. Hanging can cause your clothes to lose their shape unless you’re using hangers specifically designed for woollen items.
  • If the label instructs hand washing, soak it in warm water and soap for 5-10 minutes then rinse in more warm water.
  • Minimise the number of times you wash your womens thermals, preferably after several wears or some serious sweating.
  • Clean your apparel before you store it to prevent any dirt build-up, stains, and odours.
  • Check on them every now and again to ensure no insects have crept inside or any moisture has appeared.         Consider vacuum packing to protect your clothing and save on closet space. This is highly recommended for long-term storage purposes.

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